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You guys know how much we adore Instagram! It’s where we’ve found some of the most loved blogs and musicians and we are constantly looking for new individuals to follow. Being such a visual stage, it isn’t surprising there are ton of accounts run by professionals so we are going to let you on 20 of our favourite innovative photographer’s feeds to help you discover the ideal one for you! 1. @MITCHPOHL Shooting across Australia and the world, Mitch Pohl captures”the specific moments in people’s lives” and”in pictures which they can cherish forever.” 2. @THROUGHTHEWOODSWERAN Previously from Perth, Glenn & Laura recently flew into Bristol –“We’ve been together for almost 11 decades and married roughly 3 — during that time we’ve adopted four of the most astonishing and populous cats on the planet. Seriously. We’ll sit on the ground all night watching television if one of these seems super comfy on the sofa. In turn though — they need to put up with non-stop squeezes and using top 40 tunes reworded with their titles and sung . We stated they are spoilt, not always joyful…” 3. @YAYAMYGRAY Amy Gray is a LA based photographer –“I am drawn to pleasure, lively, images as well those that are honest and poignant. Weddings are an unabashed mix of joyous lightheartedness and raw 20 Creative And Unique Wedding Photography emotion. I seek to capture both sides of the day so that you can return in your wedding set and remember how you believed, enabling you and also to reevaluate the range of emotions your day held.” 4. @WEHEARTPICTURES Hector and Charlie, are the husband and wife team behind’We Heart Pictures’ and are based in London –“We can say we are the antithesis to traditional wedding photography. Our strategy is purely as storytellers. We blend into the desktop and capture images as naturally as you can, putting our vision and style in the frames we all make… Our photographs is bold & creative, aiming to inform tales and record the Actual moments together with stunning compositions.” 5. @MARYCOSTAPHOTO An LA-based photographer who specializes in bright, vibrant vision –“I’m motivated by bold colors, natural light, and from the way photography allows me to catch the most beautiful aspects of daily life… I think of myself a”photographer of joyful stuff” — shooting everything from weddings and engagements to fashion bloggers, lifestyle inspiration, and restaurants.” 6. @TEAMWOODNOTE LA based photographers, Caroline + Jayden are a husband and wife team –“On several days, you’ll find us with a camera in our hands along with a macbook pro in our hands [editing] while we watch reruns of breaking bad, mad guys or arrested development.” 7

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