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Fantastic morning! Enjoy to showcase designers whose work I admire and Elizabeth Dinkel fits right in my description of an”uber gifted” designer! Love her personality. I’d seen a room that she had completed for a showhouse in a magazine a few years ago and knew right away this was my kind of decorator. She clearly tendencies towards a more conventional appearance, but theres nothing much heavy, stuffy, overdone or away putting any of her chambers. Though a number of them are formal, there is an ease and comfort level to the very lovely spaces she’s designed. Some of the bedrooms are just completely dreamy, along with the living rooms while classy and stunning are rooms I could see being very comfortable entertaining family members and friends in. Elizabeth’s company is established in West Hollywood, California and has been launched in 2004 after nearly 18 years as a interior designer. Her talents take her all over the United States and she’s had her work featured in nearly every major design book. So have a look… what would you think of her style? Do you have a favorite area? 7 Remarkable Differences Between iPad And Tablet Enjoy your Saturday! Before I start…. I needed to share with one of my buddies gorgeous hydrangea beds before her house, I’d peony envy together with others, I have hydrangea envy! How gorgeous are these flowers!! Then on my way home noticed the sole plantation of its kind in my area has started for the year! I had been so excited… nothing like seeing this little nondescript sign beckoning one for their racks of warm fresh fruits and veggies… so I traveled the dirt trail road and had a field day purchasing all the seasons freshest. Wish my camera did not run from camera, then the basil tomatoes and garlic were so huge and picture perfect! I arrived home and promptly made a tasty round of brushetta and a delicious fresh pesto…. Got ta love summer cooking! Now moving to Elizabeth and her magnificent work…. What a picture perfect windowseat! Really like the green chinoiserie, fantastic! This is sooooo stunning! Love this space, I would live there if this was my home! She manages transitional spaces and she does very conventional ones…. Elegant and timeless entry foyer…

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