Böhmermann himself is silent about how he got the video

Böhmermann himself is silent about how he got the video

It’s a shame for the FPÖ "the reputation of our country", so briefly on. 

Kurz did not go into politics in order to hold an office

The Austrian Chancellor then declared that he could do it himself "make it easy now and try to maintain your own power" and "Heads" to change, i.e. to exchange individual members of the government. However, that is not the case "what the country needs". He did not go into politics to hold an office.

Kurz also said he didn’t want to pretend "wouldn’t have been much", and none "flying change to social democracy" strive for. He wants "for this country", I mean Austria, "work, without incident or scandals." The FPÖ could not do this, the Party of Social Democrats shared his "content-related access"that the other parties are too small. Therefore, he asked the Federal President for new elections. These should "as soon as possible" respectively.

President Alexander Van der Bellen said early elections were the only way to restore confidence in public institutions. He will speak to Chancellor Kurz on Sunday about the next steps.

Before Kurz’s statement, Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache (FPÖ) offered to resign from all offices on Saturday. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) will accept the offer, said Strache in Vienna. In addition to the government office, the 49-year-old also gives up leadership of the FPÖ. He thus drew the consequences of the video affair. In a video secretly recorded in 2017, Strache promised an alleged Russian oligarch for election campaign assistance, among other things, public contracts should the FPÖ come to power.

"Targeted political assassination"

Strache apologized for his behavior. "Yes it was stupid, it was irresponsible and it was a mistake"he admitted. At the same time he spoke of one "targeted political assassination attempt" and one "secret service staged lock trap". He will exhaust all media and criminal law means. 

Austria’s Chancellor Kurz and Vice Chancellor Strache: A video scandal shocked the Austrian government coalition. (Source: AP / dpa)

"It was an open conversation and in an intimate atmosphere I was tempted to polemic about anything and everything, even without reflection and with a loose tongue. And yes, what I said was soberly disastrous and downright embarrassing"said Strache at a press conference in Vienna. 

"Kronen newspaper" should be acquired

The crisis meeting in the Austrian Chancellery on the video affair was accompanied by protests on Saturday. According to the police, around 2000 to 3000 demonstrators gathered around Ballhausplatz in downtown Vienna: They loudly called for new elections.

That from "mirror" and "Süddeutscher Zeitung" The video from 2017 shows today’s Vice Chancellor and FPÖ boss Heinz-Christian Strache in a conversation with an alleged Russian oligarch. Among other things, it is about the idea that women should be the newspaper with the highest circulation in Austria, the "Kronen newspaper" acquire, promote the FPÖ journalistically and receive public contracts in return as soon as the party is in government.

Video was made before the National Council election

The video was made a few months before the 2017 National Council election. At that time, the ÖVP under Sebastian Kurz had just ended the coalition with the SPÖ. In the election, the FPÖ came to 26 percent. ÖVP and FPÖ have been ruling together since December 2017. 

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 The alliance attached great importance to harmonious cooperation.123helpme.me However, there were always differences. Most recently, the ÖVP had criticized the FPÖ’s proximity to the right-wing extremist identities. 

Sources used: dpa news agency, Reuters

The shock of the Vice Chancellor’s video is deep in Austria. Last but not least, new elections should save the country’s image. The decision after a power struggle has far-reaching consequences.

When the Chancellor announced the end of the coalition in Austria, his balance sheet sounded clear. "The FPÖ cannot"Sebastian Kurz said on Saturday evening to journalists from all over the world. At the same time, his late decision made it clear that the 32-year-old had tried a lot to save the coalition after the video affair and the subsequent resignation of Vice Chancellor and FPÖ boss Heinz-Christian Strache.

"It was about a new start without scandals and without kickl", confirmed government circles on Sunday. The controversial Interior Minister Herbert Kickl is one of the agitators in the ranks of the FPÖ. But the Freedom Party was not ready to make this sacrifice. Eighteen months after the start, the European-wide pursuit of a coalition of conservatives and right-wing populists project has failed.

The consequences for Austria, but also for the current upswing of right-wing populists in Germany and Europe, are still difficult to understand. "Until Friday afternoon Austria seemed to be a prime example for other EU countries"commented the Italian newspaper "La Stampa".

Right-wing extremists are in Europe "naked there"

So the Strache affair came at the worst possible time for the new legal alliance of the Italian Matteo Salvini. On Saturday, she celebrated in front of the magnificent backdrop of the Milan Cathedral "historical moment" an alleged dawn of a new era". Salvini and his enthusiastic fans did not let their mood be spoiled – and AfD boss Jörg Meuthen assured that the FPÖ would remain a close partner. But for the new one "European Alliance of Peoples and Nations" the FPÖ scandal is a blow in the gut.

She loses one of her few government participations in Europe – the alliance of FPÖ and ÖVP in Vienna was considered a showcase project and door opener for real influence in Europe. Strache had not only exposed himself with his secretly filmed appearance, said the Viennese "courier": "Strache involuntarily took off the right-wing extremists in Europe, they are standing there naked. Everyone can see that now."

That from "mirror" and "Süddeutscher Zeitung" The video published in July 2017 not only shocked Austria: an allegedly very wealthy Russian investor promises a drunk Strache in the event of an FPÖ election victory that she supports, she promises influence without borders. "Then we can talk about anything." 

Van der Bellen: "Disturbing moral picture"

In the event of a takeover of the influential "Kronen newspaper" the alleged oligarch niece could roll three or four heads in the spirit of the FPÖ. "We want to build a media landscape similar to the Orbán", so Strache. Basically he means: "Journalists are the biggest whores on the planet anyway." He underlines his closeness to Moscow: "We have decadence in the west. In the east they are normal."

Legal consequences are also foreseeable. Strache’s statements in the video about alleged high party donations to a non-profit association – and thus bypassing the audit office – are now to be examined more closely despite the denial of all the wealthy mentioned. Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen, emotional as seldom, saw in the video "disturbing moral picture" and fears for the country’s reputation. The head of state, who has a good connection, has reportedly thrown his authority on the scales in the decision in favor of new elections.

What role does Jan Böhmermann play?

There is a big question mark behind the role of the satirist Jan Böhmermann. As his manager of the dpa confirmed, Böhmermann had known the video for weeks. This knowledge was also the basis for an initially bizarre long-distance appearance by Böhmermann when the Austrian Romy Academy Prize was awarded on April 11th: In a video message, the 38-year-old said he could not pick up the TV prize in person because he "Just hanging out with a couple of FPÖ business friends in a Russian oligarch villa on Ibiza, pretty coke and Red Bull fueled". Besides, he is negotiating like him "Kronen newspaper" could take over, but shouldn’t talk about it.

For the FPÖ, the development is a meltdown. Under Strache, she had made herself more and more capable of governing over the years and finally successfully reached the end of marginalization. "This strategy has now failed"says political advisor Thomas Hofer. As an alternative for the next formation of a government, the actually deeply unpopular coalition with the Social Democrats is urgent. "From the point of view of the ÖVP, it would have to wish for the liberal neos to gain strength", said Hofer. 

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 In any case, the Chancellor appeared almost again as an election campaigner at the first appearances after the end of the coalition. It should be noted that he does not want to be dissuaded from his reform course by the failure of his first government.

Sources used: dpa news agency

The satirist Jan Böhmermann knew about the Ibiza video long before it triggered a political quake in Austria. But he was not involved in the creation, said a ZDF spokesman on Monday.

Jan Böhmermann is causing speculation with a mysterious countdown. On Monday, the satirist posted the link to a website called DoTheyKnowItsEurope.eu. It contains references to the Ibiza video that brought down the Austrian government. But what does that mean?

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Government crisis in Austria: Kickl does not resign

The FPÖ has announced the withdrawal of all its ministers from the government if FPÖ Interior Minister Herbert Kickl is dismissed. Kickl himself sees one behind it "Try to gag the government partner". (Source: AFP)

Austria: The FPÖ has announced the withdrawal of all of its ministers from the government, but Interior Minister Herbert Kickl has other plans. (Source: AFP)

A quick review: In the show "Neo Magazine Royale" Last Thursday, Böhmermann said that it could be that Austria burns tomorrow. On Friday, German journalists published a video showing the FPÖ politician and Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache. In it he promises – in a relaxed atmosphere – an allegedly very wealthy Russian investor, unlimited influence. If you support the FPÖ election victory, you can "talk about everything". 

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 ZDF rules out Böhmermann’s participation in the video

Jan Böhmermann also knew about this video. His manager Peter Burtz confirmed on Saturday: Böhmermann had known the video for weeks. Did it have anything to do with the making? No, confirmed a ZDF spokesman on Monday afternoon t-online.de. A participation of Böhmermann in the creation can be excluded. Böhmermann himself is silent about how he got the video. 

Nevertheless, some users speculate on the Internet. When did Böhmermann see the video? Isn’t he behind the revelation coup? Does he know who planned the pseudo-deal with the alleged investor? And why didn’t he do anything? The satirist is silent. But that could change soon.

On Monday morning, Böhmermann announced in a Twitter post "little special" at. He then posted a link to the mysterious website that shows a countdown. It runs until Wednesday at 8:15 p.m.

Look at the coding gives clues

Several users then took a close look at DoTheyKnowItsEurope.eu. They discovered three clues: 

The word appears in the coding of the website "Ibiza" on. The website can be reached via a second address. it is "ComediansForWorldpeace.eu". The user @naklarname even discovered the appropriate e-mail address. The page was created on Wednesday. She was registered with the Bildundtonfabrik in Cologne, the production company for Böhmermann’s broadcasts.

Screenshot of the website code: In the coding of the page, the Twitter accounts @NeoMagazin and @Rock_Galore appear. (Source: Screenshot / dotheyknowitseurope.eu)