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Sample records for stonecarvers italian study Hand-arm vibration syndrome and dose-response regard for vibration induced white finger among quarry drillers and stonecarvers. Italian Study Group on Physical Hazards from the Stone Industry. PubMed Central Bovenzi, M OBJECTIVES–To investigate the incidence of disorders related to the hand arm vibration syndrome in a big population of rock employees in Italy. The dose-response relation for vibration induced white finger (VWF) was studied. METHODS–The study population consisted of 570 quarry drillers and stonecarvers subjected to vibration and 258 control rock workers who conducted only manual action. Each subject was interviewed with health and workplace assessment questionnaires. Sensorineural and VWF disorders were staged in accordance with the Stockholm workshop scales. Vibration was measured on a representative sample of percussive and rotary tools. The h energy equal frequency weighted acceleration (A (8)) and life vibration doses have been calculated for all the exposed rock workers. RESULTS–Sensorineural and Emotional symptoms occurred more often from the workers exposed to vibration than from the controls, but fad figures didn’t demonstrate a terminal exposure-response relation for these disorders. The prevalence of VWF was discovered to be 30. 2% in the full group exposed to vibration. Raynaud’s phenomenon was discovered in 4. 3 percent of the controls. VWF fotomodelle italiane viviana di ceglie – was strongly associated with exposure to vibration and a monotonic dose-response relation was discovered. As stated by the vulnerability data of this study, the anticipated percent of stone workers affected with VWF tends to grow roughly in proportion to the square root of A(8) (for a specific exposure period) or in proportion to the square root of their duration of exposure (for a constant size of vibration). CONCLUSION–Though limited to a specific work position, the dose-response relation for VWF estimated in this study indicates a time dependency such that halving years of vulnerability allows a doubling of their energy equivalent vibration. According to those findings, the more vibration exposure amounts currently under debate in the European Community seem to reflect reasonable vulnerability [MISSCARE Survey – Italian Version: findings from an Italian validation study]. PubMed Sist, Luisa; Contini, Carla; Bandini, Anna; Bandini, Stefania; Massa, Licia; Zanin, Roberta; Maricchio, Rita; Gianesini, Gloria; Bassi, Erika; Tartaglini, Daniela; Palese, Alvisa; Ferraresi, Annamaria The Missed Nursing Care (MNC) identifies nursing interventions that are not completed, partially completed, or postponed. Despite the relevance of MNC, no assessment tools Can Be Found in the Italian context, and no data Concerning the occurrence of this phenomenon has been recorded on a large scale to date

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