Trump hands out his cell phone number

Trump hands out his cell phone number

He is one of the harshest critics of the US president. He is particularly concerned that Trump is leading America on an authoritarian path.

Bernie Sanders couldn’t challenge Donald Trump in the US presidential election because he lost Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary. His fight against the election winner continues. On his second visit to Germany, the 75-year-old has a clear message in his luggage: Trump is not America, he says in an interview. In the dispute between Trump and Chancellor Angela Merkel over trade balances and military spending, he leaves no doubt which side he is on.

How do you rate the current dispute between Trump and Merkel after the G7 summit? Trump has the German trade and military policy as "very bad" designated…

I think a lot of us don’t share what President Trump said. The United States, Germany and, of course, Europe have long-standing and vital relationships and these must be sustained. I think I am speaking for most of the members of Congress when I say this. (…) Insulting a longtime ally like Germany is something that many of us feel uncomfortable with. (…) In my opinion, it is unacceptable for the President to attack the Chancellor in public.

What does Trump mean for US global leadership?

I don’t think the United States will get any weaker again. I believe the whole world is facing major crises. And we have to work together as a global community. We are dealing with climate change, we have to deal with terrorism. (…) There are many things to do together. Germany will not tackle climate change alone, and neither will the United States. (…) Donald Trump is not the whole US government. He’s a person, he’s the president. The US people, the vast majority in Congress, advocate a strong and positive role for the United States – along with Europe and with all other countries in the world.

What worries you most about Trump?

We can talk for hours about what worries me. But one thing – besides the fact that he kept lying and came up with a terrible budget – is that he is trying to put America on an authoritarian path. That worries me. We have a president who attacks the media in a way that has never been done before. Everyone – including me – has problems with the media. But to say that every mainstream medium has to do with fake news, that the media are constantly telling lies, is to attack the very core of democracy. When there is no longer a free press, the existence of democracy is threatened. (…)

Trump has started his first trip abroad in Saudi Arabia and has concluded a billion-dollar arms deal there. This has caused irritation among the Western allies …

It is quite remarkable that he feels more comfortable with authoritarian figures like Putin or the leadership of Saudi Arabia than in talks with heads of state and government of democratic countries. That is the result of his trip. As you know, Saudi Arabia is an authoritarian society, women are treated like third-class citizens, and yet he was full of praise for the leadership of Saudi Arabia.

What’s next with Trump? What can the Democrats do about him?

I think what will happen is that Americans will begin to understand that Trump lied all along the campaign. He said he was a different kind of Republican. He said that he would stand up for working class families. And now he’s doing exactly the opposite. The budget that he has presented is the worst in the recent history of this country. We can defeat the Republicans if we turn the American public against these reactionary policies.

US magazine: Trump wants to terminate the Paris climate protection agreement "press covfefe": Confused Trump tweet causes ridicule President as a security risk ?: Trump distributes his cell phone number

About the person: Bernie Sanders, born in 1941 in Brooklyn, New York, calls himself a democratic socialist. Last year he wanted to run for the Democrats against the Republican Donald Trump, but was defeated by Hillary Clinton in the primaries. The 75-year-old Senator for the state of Vermont continues to be one of Trump’s sharpest critics. Now he is visiting Berlin to read his book "Our revolution" to introduce.

Is the US President serious about withdrawing from the Paris climate protection agreement? Donald Trump wants to announce his decision in front of the White House. It could be even more radical than many expect. 

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US President Donald Trump has announced an official statement on his administration’s stance on the Paris Agreement. Trump wrote on Twitter that he wanted to announce at 3 p.m. local time (9 p.m. Central European Time) in the rose garden of the White House whether the United States will withdraw from the contract. He closed his message with these words "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!" from.

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Previously, there were signs that the Republican wanted to end the historic agreement. EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker warned Trump against such a step. "I am a transatlantic. But if the American president were to say in the next few hours or days that he wants to get out of the Paris Agreement, then it is Europe’s duty to say: It won’t work that way"said Juncker at a discussion event in Berlin.

"It’s about the future of humanity"

Juncker recalled the dangers of climate change. "It is not just about the future of European humanity, it is above all about the future of people elsewhere." 83 countries are in danger of disappearing from the surface if the fight against climate change is not resolutely carried out, said the Commission President.

Trump didn’t want to say on Wednesday whether he tends to terminate the deal. "You’ll find out soon"said the Republican in response to questions from journalists. His spokesman Sean Spicer also gave no information on whether Trump had already made a decision. "He’s the one who has the last word"he just explained. A few hours later, Trump announced his official statement.

Is Trump planning an even more radical step?

The news blog had previously "Axios" reports that Trump has made a fundamental decision. However, the modalities of an exit have not yet been decided. This will be discussed in a small circle in the White House.

Trump could push the lengthy process of withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, but also withdraw from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which has been in force since 1994. The latter would be an even more radical step.

Two-thirds of Americans are against it

Should it come to the exit, after a long internal debate this would be a victory for the radicals in the White House around Trump’s strategy advisor Stephen Bannon and advisor Stephen Miller. Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and his daughter Ivanka are said to be against leaving. In polls, two-thirds of Americans wanted to stay.

Last but not least, the energy sector in the USA had largely spoken out against leaving the Paris Agreement. The six other heads of state and government at the previous G7 summit on the weekend in Sicily had also tried to convince Trump of the importance of the climate agreement.

"Mr Trump doesn’t know the details": EU does not want to accept US exit from climate agreement US magazine: Trump wants to terminate Paris climate protection agreement

In the agreement, 195 states agreed in Paris in December 2015 to reduce global warming through the greenhouse effect "well below two degrees" in comparison to pre-industrial times.

Lignite opponents had set up their tent camp on RWE premises – without the consent of the energy company. However, the eviction is said to have been largely peaceful. 

The police cleared a protest camp from opponents of lignite near the Hambach forest. Around a third of the 100 or so activists there had previously voluntarily left the camp in Kerpen-Manheim, said a police spokeswoman for Aachen. The others were partly carried away during the operation on Wednesday evening. Some had passively resisted the eviction. Dozens of activists had their personal details taken, and they were then sent off.

Operation in the dark: police officers stand in the rain during the evacuation. (Source: Christophe Gateau / dpa)

According to the police, the tent camp was built on a former sports field without the consent of the energy company RWE on its premises. The company filed a criminal complaint for trespassing.

The police had gathered several hundreds. According to the police, the demonstrators had been offered to leave the camp if they left the larger tents so that they could not be rebuilt elsewhere. Officials later cleared the activists’ sit-in blocks. The tents were also dismantled together with RWE employees.

Dispute over Hambacher Forest: RWE expects clearing stop by 2020 After clearing stop: RWE threatens to cut jobs

The demonstrators of the action alliance "End of story, nothing to add" wanted to start new actions against coal mining from the protest camp. Blockades of rails, driveways or excavators to cut off power plants from the coal supply are possible, it said. More protests are being called on the Internet for the weekend.

There had been conflicts about the location of the camp beforehand. The police assigned the demonstrators to a location further away from the Hambach Forest near Jülich. The demonstrators refused and went to court, where they were unsuccessful.

Sources used: dpa-AFX

People buy and sell shares on the stock exchange – almost everyone is familiar with how securities trading works. But how exactly does the business with stocks work? Here you can find out what exactly is going on on the exchange.

These investment opportunities exist

Photo series with 7 pictures

Stock exchange: a marketplace for stocks

In its basic principle, the exchange is like any marketplace – regardless of whether it is a weekly market or an online auction house. There are people who offer something for sale and there are potential buyers. However, these are not tangible goods such as fruit, vegetables or electrical appliances, but usually securities.

In addition to stocks, numerous other types of securities are traded on stock exchanges. These include, for example:

Bonds, promissory notes, certain types of funds

There are even exchanges for raw materials, food, foreign exchange and electricity.

Fluctuating rates instead of fixed prices

Unlike what you know from the weekly market, there are no fixed prices on the stock exchange. The price at which you can buy a security depends on supply and demand. If many investors want to buy a certain security, the price usually rises.

For example, if a company is involved in a scandal that could lead to reduced sales, many investors tend to try to sell their shares. In a pinch, they do that for a lower value. As a result, the price will drop. Profits are made on the stock market through these price fluctuations. Investors try to buy stocks at the lowest possible price and sell them at the highest possible price. 

As a private person, however, you cannot do this directly on the trading floor. Only selected people are allowed on site, the actual stock trading is digital. As an investor, you place a so-called order with brokers – usually online – who then buy the desired securities for you.

What exactly are stocks?

If you bought stocks through a broker, you weren’t getting any tangible securities. Stock trading is done through bookings. The purchases are added to your share portfolio – similar to the way your salary is not presented in a paycheck but is credited to your current account.

Tips for beginners on the stock market New rules: From 2016, the exemption order is only valid with the tax ID SOFORT Überweisung: This is how the fast payment system works Save cash: How to request the Schufa self-assessment free of charge

With one share you buy a portion of the issuing company. Companies issue stocks to raise their capital. In return, you grant the shareholders certain rights. As a shareholder, for example, you have a certain right of co-determination that you can exercise at the company’s annual general meeting. Shareholders also participate in the profits: surpluses are distributed in the form of an annual dividend.

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